Compact bottle and can recycling device

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Pure Crusher – Compact bottle and can recycling device

The main idea of the Pure Crusher compact RVM device, is to cost efficiently and effectively compress any amounts of recyclable bottles and cans, giving you savings in both costs and space, throughout the whole logistics chain. Most transport loads, as well as storage areas for recyclables, are now mainly filled with just air, which is not very efficient. But, with the Pure Crusher, you can maximize the loads for transport and minimize the space utilization needed, with a fully functional RVM system.

Model H

Smart and cost efficient solution in keeping aluminum and plastic away from our oceans and nature.

Pure smart crusher product family

Model H
(HoReCa use)

The model H, has queue for rapid action and the queue is scalable with feeding modules.


Model C
(Customer use)

The End User model is a very fast RVM machine designed without queue. Its user friendly LCD touch screen, guides the user effortlessly.

With the QR code, the customer gets the refund from the return application.

The model C is suitable for e.g. events, gas/petrol- stations and small businesses, where a customer can use the RVM device independently.

Pure Recycle Model C

Model R
(Real Estate)

This RVM machine is suitable for recycling facilities in e.g. apartment buildings, enabling in-house recycling and refunds with QR codes, from the return application. Containers can handle volumes from 60 liters up to 1200 liters.

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A greener future of circular economy

Pure Backoffice - What is it?

Pure Crushers are IoT devices – connected to Internet and to the Backoffice system 24/7.

The Backoffice works as self-service portal onboarding new customers and for those customers that already have our reverse vending machines (RVM).

It also enables our customer services and production to do their work in providing our service.

Finally it integrates to different national return and deposit systems like Palpa and Returpack and provides them data for making deposit payments back to our customers.

24h Guarantee

The equipment is extremely reliable and long lasting, but in the unlikely event of problems with the Crusher, we have on On-site guarantee in place and if needed we will come and replace the device to a brand new one, within 24h.

Who we are?

Pure Recycle is a start-up company based in Tampere, Finland. The Company uses a flexible production system of its own design and its people are full of spunky perseverance (in Finland we call it “ Sisu”).

For years, our dream has been to invent a small device, for recycling cans and plastic bottles. The dream has now become a reality in form of a smart, small and cost efficient innovation, for all types of businesses and public locations. Countries with deposit systems already in place, achieve far better results both in quality as well as in efficiency when it comes to recycling. Hopefully others will follow towards a greener future of circular economy. The many challenges in the recycling of cans and bottles are ongoing, and millions of tons of valuable material is disposed of and wasted globally. The Pure Smart Crusher is a smart and cost efficient solution in keeping aluminum and plastic away from our oceans and nature. The challenge is global and therefore it is best to make it visual for what is about to follow next.

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The Team

Kari Almen

Chief Operating Officer

Marcus Toivonen

Design Engineer

Tuukka Pasanen

Technical Engineer

Toni Pohjalainen

Production Manager

Board of directors (BOD)

Hannu Lahtinen


Sami Jarske


Jari Pasanen


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